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Get your personal quote easily online and always at competitive prices. OSB boards are an indispensable tool in load securing due to their robustness, versatility and cost-effectiveness. They not only provide protection for the goods being transported, but also safety for the people involved in loading and unloading vehicles and containers.

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Things to know about OSB boards in load securing

Oriented Strand Board, commonly known as OSB, is not only highly valued in the construction industry, but is also a valuable partner in the world of load securing. Due to their special properties and strength, they are particularly suitable for protecting and stabilizing loads during transport. Here is an overview of the possible applications, advantages and standards of OSB boards in the field of load securing.

Origin and manufacturing process

OSB boards are made from long, thin wood chips that are glued together in specific orientations. This process gives the boards particular strength and makes them resistant to loads.

Properties and applications in load securing

  • Stability: OSB boards offer high compressive and flexural strength. This makes them ideal for use as intermediate layers or underlays in stacked loads, minimizing the shifting of goods.
  • Flexibility: Despite their robustness, OSB panels can be cut and adapted to meet the specific requirements of a load.
  • Smooth surface: OSB panels have a relatively smooth surface, which reduces the risk of damage to packaged goods.
  • Resistance: The boards are resistant to most common chemicals, making them an ideal choice for the transportation of industrial goods.

OSB standards

There are various quality standards for OSB boards that determine their suitability for certain applications:

OSB/1: For general use in dry conditions. Less suitable for load securing.

OSB/2: Specifically for load-bearing purposes in dry conditions. Often used for load securing.

OSB/3: For load-bearing purposes in damp conditions. Particularly valuable for outdoor transportation and storage thanks to its increased moisture resistance.

OSB/4: These boards have an even higher strength and are particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications in load securing.

Advantages in load securing

  • Cost efficiency: OSB boards are generally cheaper than many other materials used in load securing.
  • Sustainability: As a wood product, OSB boards are biodegradable. They can be recycled or composted, making them an environmentally friendly option.
  • Versatility: OSB boards can be used in many different scenarios, from securing heavy machinery to protecting sensitive goods.

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