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Get your personal quote easily online and always at competitive prices. Lashing straps are an indispensable aid in load securing and make a significant contribution to safety in transportation. They not only offer protection for the transported goods, but also for road users.

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Things to know about lashing straps in load securing


Tensioning straps are essential tools in the transport and logistics industry, used to secure loads on trucks, trailers, trains or ships. These flexible yet robust straps make a significant contribution to road safety and minimize the risk of transport damage. Here is an overview of the possible uses, advantages and standards of tension belts in load securing.

Origin and manufacturing process

Tensioning straps are usually made of polyester, a material that is both flexible and resistant to loads. A lashing strap consists of a flat strap with ratchet or clamp buckles that ensure a secure and tight connection.

Properties and applications in load securing

  • Flexibility: Tensioning straps are extremely adaptable and can be used for a wide range of load types, from pallets to heavy machinery.
  • Tensile strength: Depending on their manufacture and quality, tension belts can secure enormous loads and withstand very high tensile forces.
  • Ease of use: Another advantage of tension belts is their ease of use, which enables loads to be secured quickly and safely.

Standards and certifications

Tensioning straps must comply with certain standards and certifications to ensure that they meet the high requirements of load securing. In Europe, for example, they must comply with DIN EN 12195-2. Among other things, this specifies the breaking load, handling and marking of the straps.

Advantages in load securing

  • Protection of goods: The correct use of lashing straps can prevent damage to the transported goods and the means of transport.
  • Safety in traffic: A correctly secured load prevents goods from slipping or even falling, which significantly increases safety in road traffic.
  • Cost savings: The use of tension belts reduces the risk of transport damage and the associated costs.
  • Versatility: Tensioning straps are available in different lengths, widths and with different ratchet or clamp locks, so that the right strap can be found for every application.

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