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Get your personal quote easily online and always at competitive prices. Pressed wood pallets offer an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pallets. With their high load-bearing capacity, hygienic surface and compliant standards, they are ideal for many industries and applications.

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Things to know about presswood pallets

Pallets play a central role in the dynamic world of logistics and transportation. In addition to traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets, pressed wood pallets have established themselves as a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative. In the following, we offer you a comprehensive insight into the special features, advantages and areas of application of pressed wood pallets.

Origin and manufacturing process

Pressed wood pallets are made from wood waste, such as sawdust and shavings. These wood particles are pressed into stable pallets under high pressure and heat, without the need for additional binding agents. The process not only makes optimum use of wood waste, but also results in a product that is convincing in many respects.

Advantages of pressed wood pallets

  • Environmental sustainability: As they are made from wood waste, pressed wood pallets are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pallets.
  • Weight: Compared to standard wooden pallets, pressed wood pallets are often lighter, which can lead to cost savings during transportation.
  • Stability: Despite their lower weight, they offer a high load-bearing capacity and robustness.
  • Hygiene: Pressed wood pallets have a smooth surface, which reduces the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. This makes them particularly suitable for industries where hygiene is of great importance.
  • ISPM 15 compliant: Due to the manufacturing process, pressed wood pallets are naturally free from pests and therefore meet ISPM 15 requirements without additional treatment.

Areas of application

Due to their advantages, pressed wood pallets are used in a wide range of industries, including

  • Food industry: thanks to their hygienic properties.
  • Export: As they are ISPM 15 compliant, they are ideal for international shipping.
  • Electronics and pharmaceutical industry: where cleanliness and freedom from contamination are crucial.

Sustainability and recycling

One of the biggest advantages of pressed wood pallets is their sustainability. At the end of their life cycle, they can easily be recycled or incinerated to generate energy. Their environmentally friendly origin and disposal make them a preferred choice for companies striving for sustainable operations.

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