Efficient procurement for the food industry

More transparency in the procurement process

Over 500 retailers, but only one contractual partner

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Pfeifer & Langen optimises procurement process

The sugar producer Pfeifer & Langen, known in particular for its Diamant Zucker and Kölner Zucker brands, now procures its pallets via Pacurion and has thus noticeably improved its procurement processes. As in many industries, load carriers are essential for companies in the food industry. They ensure the flow of goods from the factories to the retail trade. The collaboration with Pacurion has proven to be a strategically wise decision that has optimised delivery reliability and sustainably reduced costs. The process-related savings in particular, which are attributable to the simple and digital procurement experience, represent significant added value.


Leaner processes and increased transparency

The collaboration with Pacurion has made it possible to save process costs in particular, as the company now only works with one contractual partner. Digital procurement via the platform not only saves time, but also money, especially with a monthly purchase quantity of at least 5,000 units. Pacurion also acts as a sales channel for all types of pallets that are no longer required or defective, whether CP1 pallets, Euro pallets or Düsseldorf pallets. These are simply collected. This makes it even easier to get rid of excess stock, but also to make a relevant contribution to the sustainable use of load carriers.

In addition, the digital procurement experience also enables a significant increase in transparency, as information such as the procured purchasing volumes per load carrier used or location can be called up at any time and from anywhere. This group-wide overview represents a further added value that should not be underestimated.

“With Pacurion, we can ensure nationwide, digital, and simple pallet procurement and also sell used or defective load carriers – it couldn't be easier!“

Ilja Guter, Category Manager Energy & Logistics
Pfeifer & Langen GmbH & Co. KG.

Contractual partner for first-class quality and process optimisation

In Pacurion, Pfeifer & Langen has found a reliable partner that guarantees delivery reliability and the necessary quality of the load carriers. Whether brand new pallets or grade A load carriers: strict adherence to high quality standards is important for Pfeifer & Langen – no problem for Pacurion. Pacurion acts as a central point of contact and contractual partner for all orders placed via the platform, which drastically reduces complexity not only in purchasing but also in other supporting processes such as accounting, and minimises trading risks. 


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