BEWITAL and Pacurion: Partnership for optimized pallet purchasing

Administrative effort minimized

Digitalization and AI for more transparency

Personal service & individual advice

100,000 pallets - premium managed

Millions of livestock and pets receive feed from Bewital - around 98,000 tons in 2023. It is delivered on pallets to wholesalers and specialist retailers or directly to farms throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

BEWITAL has now joined forces with the digital trading platform Pacurion for pallet purchasing. In addition to their shared regional origins, the two companies are linked by a solid partnership. Pacurion supports all processes for the approximately 100,000 load carriers that BEWITAL requires each year: from requesting quotations, negotiations and placing orders to monitoring deliveries and processing complaints, always in close cooperation with BEWITAL's production planning department.

“We will also be focusing on even greater efficiency in pallet purchasing in future. Pacurion combines the advantages of digitalization and AI with personal advice. The collaboration is running smoothly.”

Christof Sicking, Commercial Operations Manager at BEWITAL

Procurement solutions that fit

Pacurion offers customers various procurement solutions via its digital trading platform, from Basic over Smart to Prime: “Customers like Bewital benefit the most from our Prime model,” says Patrick Grünwald, Chief Sales Officer at Pacurion. “In addition to daily best prices, Bewital receives the complete load carrier procurement as a service on top - including a fixed contact person, delivery guarantee and reporting.”

Pacurion is responsible as a contractual partner - for both customers and suppliers. The customer's existing suppliers can be integrated into the platform on request. Pacurion is financed by a fee per transaction, which is in the low single-digit percentage range. Nevertheless, companies regularly make relevant savings by switching to Pacurion.

Long-term cooperation concluded

The collaboration was tested in the prime model for around three months. There was not a single complaint during the entire period. Bewital then awarded the contract for the ongoing collaboration. The service includes not only the complete procurement management of load carriers at attractive prices, but also monthly reporting, market information such as the wood price index, analyses on the development of pallet prices or current customs information relating to pallets.


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