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Get your personalized quote easily online and always at competitive prices. Although CP pallets may not be as well known as Euro pallets, they play a crucial role in the chemical industry. Their specific dimensions and design ensure that hazardous and heavy materials can be transported safely.

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Things to know about chemical pallets

In the world of logistics, pallets are the backbone of many transportation and storage processes. Specialized pallets, known as CP pallets, are particularly important in the chemical industry. These pallets were developed in close cooperation with the "Verband der Chemischen Industrie" (VCI) in Germany. In this article, we will give you an overview of CP pallets, their development and their special features.

Origin and intended use

The abbreviation "CP" stands for "chemical pallet". These pallets were designed specifically for the requirements of the chemical industry and their specifications were defined by the VCI to ensure the safe and standardized transport of chemical products.

The different types of CP pallets according to VCI specifications

There are different types of CP pallets, each with specific dimensions and applications according to the VCI specifications:

  • CP1: With dimensions of 1,200 x 1,000 mm, the CP1 has been specially developed for big bags and smaller containers. Its robust design enables the safe storage and transportation of sacks and bags.
  • CP2: The CP2 measures 800 x 1,200 mm and is ideal for sacks and smaller containers. Its stable structure is optimally designed for the transportation of packaged goods.
  • CP3: With a size of 1,114 x 1,114 mm, the CP3 is mainly designed for drums. Its special design offers sufficient space for several drums and ensures safe and stable transportation.
  • CP4: The CP4 with 1,300 x 1,100 mm is particularly suitable for boxes and crates. It can safely transport larger containers or several smaller containers.
  • CP5: The CP5 with dimensions of 1,100 x 1,300 mm was developed for the transportation of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and other large-volume containers. It provides a robust and stable platform for heavy loads.
  • CP6: The CP6 with dimensions of 1,400 x 1,100 mm was specially designed for IBCs. Thanks to its extended size, it can safely transport larger quantities of material.
  • CP7: The CP7, similar to the CP5 but measuring 1,300 x 1,100 mm, has been developed to support a wider variety of IBCs and containers.
  • CP8: With dimensions of 1,140 x 1,140 mm, the CP8 was specially developed as a container-compatible special pallet for large containers with bottom outlet. It is particularly suitable for FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and corrugated cardboard octagonal containers.
  • CP9: With dimensions of 1,140 x 1,140 mm, the CP9 is specially designed for the transportation of octabins and other large-volume containers.


Quality standards and VCI guidelines

As CP pallets have been specially developed for the chemical industry, they must meet strict quality standards. They are designed to withstand the high requirements for the transportation of chemicals. The exact specifications and standards are set by the VCI, ensuring that they meet the specific needs and safety requirements of the industry.

Heat treatment according to ISPM 15

CP pallets must also comply with the guidelines of the ISPM 15 standard when shipped internationally. This means that they undergo a special heat treatment to prevent the spread of pests. This treatment is crucial for global trade.


Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the modern economy. Many CP pallets are produced with sustainability in mind to reduce their environmental footprint.

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